We Will Soon Be Adding Our Livestream Broadcast Machine To Facebook - Read How Here!

Livestream for Facebook

Getting Started

Livestream for Facebook allows you to add an existing Livestream Channel to a Facebook fan page. By utilizing the app users are also able to share their live stream and on-demand library. The application is available to both free and premium users.

There are two easy places to open the Livestream for Facebook install process. They are as follows, either navigate to your account center on Livestream.com and click get started on the following image.


Or you can navigate directly to the following section of the Facebook website:

Livestream for Facebook

Creating/Selecting Your Fan Page

Click the "Get Started" button on the Livestream for Facebook Homepage to begin, you’ll then need to log into the Facebook account associated with your fan page.

If you do not have a fan page associated with the account you logged into you’ll be prompted to create one. Either create a new fan page from here or log into another Facebook account that is associated with your fan page.


Once created/logged in you’ll see the screen below, with your fan page list. Once you've arrived at the Livestream Tab Manager, select a Facebook Page to begin configuring by pressing the "Add Page Tab" button.


Installing The Livestream For Facebook App

You’ll then see the actual prompt to install on your fan page, confirm the addition and click the Livestream tab on your Page.


After this Livestream for Facebook will be on your page and setup is almost complete.

Configuring the App

Once you’re on your fan page you’ll see the Livestream logo on the top left-hand corner.


Choosing the channel: Once you click on the app you’ll need to sign into your Livestream channel or create a new one. Select "Start New Channel" button to create your own channel. Create a Livestream username, password, channel name, and enter your email address. Click the "Signup" button to confirm the details above or simply use an existing channel.


Channel Settings

From the settings page users can choose the channel, the title and description as well as the ability to add a banner graphic. There are also layout options to enable or disable the Video on-demand library and Facebook chat. From this page you can also choose another Livestream channel, by choosing other channel instead of my channel.


Begin Using The App

You have now succesfully configured Livestream for Facebook. From here viewers can watch your live stream, your VOD content and also check in & chat.

Check in & chat allows users to chat via Facebook and will also post on their wall stating they’re watching your broadcast. Users can also share a link to the channel via Facebook, Twitter, embed and email from the app.


Additional Notes

Please be advised, at this time any user that has their Facebook account configured for secure browsing (https) will need to switch to standard viewing to use the Livestream for Facebook.

Make Livestream the default Facebook page tab: When you're logged into the account that owns the page, go to the page, click on "manage permissions" (in the upper left) and "default landing tab" allows you to change the tab based on a drop down.

Livestream Premium users restricting their Allowed Embeds must add the following link in order for the Livestream for Facebook app to function: http://fbappsror.livestream.com/

Livestream can develop custom Facebook live streaming applications to suit your needs, including pay-per-view, donation, 'like-to-watch', live-blogging, multi-channel and much more (see an example application made for the Facebook f8 conference). Email services@livestream.com for information and pricing.


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